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    Nina Berman was covering last night the protests around the presidential debate at Hofstra University, NY USA. Click here to find more pictures. USA, NY, Hostra University, 26 September 2016 | Fast food workers organized in the Fight For $15 campaign, demonstrate across from Hofstra University the site of the first presidential debate. | Nina Berman / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/special-evening-with-stanley-greene-at-polka-galerie/

    Enjoy the unique opportunity to meet Stanley Greene and buy an exclusive print signed by the artist. September 29th, 2016, from 6 pm to 9 pm at Polka Galerie | Stanley Greene / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/noor-keystone-ws-call/

    Learn how to develop long-term documentary photography projects with Alixandra Fazzina and Pep Bonet, during the two-day NOOR-Keystone workshop in Zurich, 26-27 October, 2016. Deadline for applications: 2 October, 2016 | Pep Bonet / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/noor-fotofactory-ws-faa-lis/

    NOOR-FOTOfactory 4-day Workshop: develop your documentary photography skills with NOOR photographers Sebastian Liste & Alixandra Fazzina in Amsterdam, 24-27 November, 2016. Deadline for applications: October 2, 2016. | Sebastian Liste / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/call-for-applications-amsterdam-workshop-with-kadir-van-lohuizen/

    Explore how to shoot & craft a visual story with Kadir van Lohuizen at the 2-day NOOR-Fotogram workshop "Stories of the City: Building Visual Narratives & Documenting the City" in Amsterdam, 19-20 November, 2016 | Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/afghanistan-a-week-in-a-hospital/

    Serving approximately one million people with 300 beds, the MSF Hospital in Helmand is the biggest hospital in southern Afghanistan and the only hospital in the province. Most of the countryside is under the control of the Taliban, so patients are often crossing front lines to reach the hospital | Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/syrian-refugees-in-istanbul/

    The Syrian civil war has sparked the worst global refugee crises in over 40 years. Living in limbo between the dream of returning home and hoping to find asylum in Europe, a community of Syrian Kurdish refugees has built their new home in the ruins of the decaying neighborhood of Suleymaniye in Istanbul. Most of them had a good life in Aleppo but now their families are struggling to survive. | Sebastian Liste / NOOR

  • http://photo-award.org/robin-hammond/?lang=en

    Robin Hammond has been shortlisted for the Greenpeace Photo Award 2016. A grant to produce a new environmental story goes to the photographer with the most votes. Robin Hammond's project, 'The True Cost of Meat', investigates the environmental impacts of meat and milk production.

  • http://archive.noorimages.com/?10511533054221535940&EVENT=WEBSHOP_SEARCH&SEARCHMODE=OFFER&OFFER=00000353%7C%7CSyria%2C+2013-2014+%7C+Yuri+Kozyrev%2C+Stanley+Greene+%26+Andrea+Bruce

    With the escalation of violence ongoing in Aleppo, many of the vulnerable population, including children, are being wounded and killed. Yuri Kozyrev and Stanley Greene have been documenting this ongoing civil conflict from its beginnings | Yuri Kozyrev / NOOR

  • http://noorimages.com/feature/coal-mining-in-mozambique/

    Whilst at COP21 it was basically agreed that the era of fossil fuels is coming to an end, the coal industry in Mozambique is doing actually the complete opposite. Kadir van Lohuizen’s new story ‘Coal mining in Mozambique’ documents the country’s flourishing extractive industry and the harsh consequences for the population. | Kadir van Louizen / NOOR

  • http://archive.noorimages.com/?10511533054221535940&EVENT=WEBSHOP_SEARCH&SEARCHMODE=OFFER&OFFER=00000351%7C%7CStanley+Greene+%7C+The+Battle+for+Aleppo%2C+2013

    Aleppo is in the midst of what could be the most decisive battle in the Syrian civil war. In 2013 Stanley Greene was on the frontlines of Aleppo, to document the fighting between Syrian rebels and government troops. | Stanley Greene / NOOR

documenting afghanistan

documenting afghanistan


In 2001, following the 9/11 attacks, the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan, with the declared aim of…

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