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    In the town of La Flor, outside of the city Holguin, Emerio Hijuelos makes a living doing maintenance at a pig farm in Cuba. Here he sits at his home where his family grows or raises most of their own food | La Flor, Cuba - December 31, 2014 | | Andrea Bruce | NOOR

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    Several migrants disembark from a navy ship that found them aboard an illegal vessel trying to approach Italian coasts. Among them are many Syrian citizens. Porto Empedocle, Italy, 13 September 2014 | Francesco Zizola | NOOR

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    A potential Ebola patient and his daughter have been brought to Redemption Clinic, one of the transition clinic, by one of the ambulance team of Honourable Saah Joseph. He has tried traditional medicine - cover his body with a mix of ashes and coal, to heal from what appears to be syndroms of Ebola, District 13, Liberia, of 25th of September 2014 | Benedicte Kurzen | NOOR

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    When you visit the market you realize many people have no money , to buy bread or medicine - only the ones who have learned how to survive by trading with the regime and the rebels. Aleppo has become a giant second-hand street market, where people sell whatever they have, including their pets, to be eaten. Souk al-Khamees, Aleppo | April 3, 2013. | Stanley Greene | NOOR

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    In the evening, the camp is installed in the middle of nowhere. Vegetation is incredibly dense and it takes a lot of cutting and pulling to make this hostile environment finally suitable for camping, close to Nakale, DRC, 17th of May 2011 | Benedicte Kurzen | NOOR

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    Parents of the 43 disappeared students during a press conference in Mexico City after meeting with the president Peña Nieto. Mexico City - October, 2014 | Sebastián Liste | NOOR

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    The oil industry in the Niger delta - a Shell flow station of Shell at Kegbare-Dere spills crude oil. Nigeria, February 2008 | Kadir van Lohuizen | NOOR

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    Exhibition of Kadir van Lohuizen's project Via PanAm: Exploring Migration in the Americas at Museo de Arte Costarricense (MAC), San José, Costa Rica. Kadir van Lohuizen / NOOR

rising sea levels

rising sea levels


For the past year and a half, I have been looking at the global consequences of rising sea levels caused…

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