where will we go

Kadir van Lohuizen


In ‘Where will we go?’, Kadir Van Lohuizen looks at the human consequences of the rising sea level. Due to climate change the glaciers the world over are retreating and the ice of Greenland and Antarctica is melting at an increasing pace. Should humanity start preparing for the biggest displacement of mankind in known history?


The future human cost of rising sea levels is dramatic. The entire country of Kiribati, for example, will have to relocate, while it is estimated that in Bangladesh about 50 million people will need to move from the delta region by 2050. Nobody knows where they will go. The east coast of the USA is experiencing sea level rise which is three-times higher than the global average. It is predicted that major centres such as the Miami beach area will need to be evacuated by 2060.


Where will we go? provides vivid visual coverage of how climate change is already affecting places where people live, Greenland with its melting glaciers, Kiribati, Fiji, the Carteret Atoll in Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, the Guna Yala archipelago in Panama, the United Kingdom and the United States. Before the sea floods land permanently, sea water intrudes at high tides, making once-fertile land no longer viable for crops and water undrinkable. The exhibition shows people who still live in affected areas, but also those who have already moved to safer ground.


Where will we go? highlights both the immense complexities associated with the forced displacement of people, as well as the human rights implications.

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ISBN: 978-90-9029431-5
Size: A3 folded to A4 
Pages: 64 pages
Language: English / French
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