announcing noor film

NOOR and UPFRONT are proud to announce their partnership and the creation of NOOR Film, a new innovative platform that will produce short & long feature films, series and documentaries.




Upfront founder Lucas Menget states about the new collaboration:


“NOOR photojournalists, filmmakers and authors are our new sentinels. For years, they have… read more ›

Announcing new members & nominees



NOOR is proud to announce important outcomes of the NOOR Annual General Meeting that took place in Amsterdam, in September 20-24th, 2017.








NOOR welcomes three new nominees: Arko Datto (India), Leonard Pongo (Belgium / Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Sanne De Wilde (Belgium).


About the three nominees, NOOR's Managing Director Clement Saccomani shares: "Having Sanne, Arko and… read more ›

noor in amsterdam / september 2017

NOOR in Amsterdam | September 2017

NOOR Annual General Meeting will take place this year in Amsterdam between September 21-24th. It will bring together the agency’s international photographers & staff to discuss photography, visual storytelling, ideas, company business and vote on potential new members. In the frame of the agency’s 10th anniversary and Unseen Photo Fair, NOOR will be organising a series of events around the city.


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