Before sunrise, voters cued into elementary schools and libraries across the United States. The most passionate voting could be seen in battleground states such as Virginia where the race between President Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney seemed too close to call.


With patience and a strong sense of conviction, Virginians from every age group, race and economic level waited for hours. In from the cold winter chill, they filled high school hallways gripping heavy coats, brief cases and small children for the chance to cast their ballot. Volunteers counted down the last open seconds of the polling places as people, tired after a day at work, ran from the crowded parking lots to make it on time to vote in their district.


When the results were announced, the deserted late-night streets of DC came alive with people making a pilgrimage to the White House. Cars honked, people screamed and climbed trees, displaying their allegiance to their President who will continue four more years.

[November, 2012]

Voters in Falls Church, VA, line up early at polling places.
Voters leave a polling station with their children in Stafford, VA.