Ethiopia faces a major crisis – chronic drought coupled with food prices that have risen 330 percent in the past years and a population that has doubled in size since the mid-1980s. The globalization of food plays an important role in the Ethiopia’s food crisis. The government severely controls the agricultural sector and puts all land under state ownership. It also controls the distribution of fertilizer and seeds and there are close tabs of what is being grown. Yet surrounding the famine are lush fields of green – feeding goats and cattle – while children continue to die of hunger. It is the harsh reality of what is being called “green hunger” – starvation amidst plenty.

Francesco Zizola made these portraits in July 2008, supported by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF – Doctors without Borders).

Ethiopia - July 2008.CHALTU BASHIW, a girl of 18 years
Ethiopia - July 2008 .AMERAE, 2 years old , from the village of Aje.