Brazil is catching up to Europe and the United States as one of the new frontrunners in the international marketplace. As a result, the country has attracted the attention of the international business and energy communities as well as the World Cup and the Olympics. And, with Brazil’s new standing in the world has also come new rights and standards for the women. The empowerment of women is a remarkable cultural achievement in a traditionally male dominated society such as Brazil.


From the powerful government ministers and congresswomen, to Brazilian support groups that teach men more “womanly” tasks to help around the house while women head to the offices, there is evidence throughout the country that the women in Brazil have been given the green light to become the world’s strongest new leaders.


This story is part of NOOR group project “The New Brazil“.

[June 2012]



Women pack the classes at Sao Paulo University business school.
A football match is held in a Rio de Janeiro favella for girls.