Along the Silk Road: Road to Ruin – From Stanley Greene’s Journal: “When one does a report, a photo-essay, he or she becomes a willing passenger on a journey, because, to quote Dan Eldon, “the journey is the destination” and in most cases you are searching for some kind of truth… I was entering a vortex of chaos, trying to find something that was hidden and invisible, and, at least in the beginning, I was hopeful to find some kind of thread that would lead me to some kind of truth.”

When I started to research this story, everything kept coming back to the Silk Road, the ancient trade network that once brought spices and luxury textiles across Central Asia to Europe, but that has now begun transporting heroin – with devastating consequences. A road is like a winding thread that you try to follow, and on this road I was searching for drugs and disease. There was the idea that with the export of drugs bloodborn diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C were spreading across Afghanistan and Central Asia. In some predictions it could become an epidemic. But as usual, what is truth and what is rumor? The only way was to go there and find out. In the end, I found myself.

[July 2008]

Kozideh, Afghanistan - July 2008. Tajikistan border.