On 9th of July 2011 a new country will be born in Africa. The Republic of South Sudan will be the 54th African state and the 193rd nation in the world. But South Sudan is a very poor country, despite its large oil reserves, which account for 98 percent of its income.

South Sudan’s economy is mainly pastoral, and cattle herding is the most important activity. Agriculture and fishery are comparatively sparse, although the Nile runs through the region.

South Sudan’s society is deeply divided along tribal lines. The main clan is the Dinka, a pastoral semi-nomadic population. Violence is endemic to the region, often as a consequences of cattle ownership issues. But violence is also very much fed by the uncountable number of weapons circulating in the country, the heavy legacy of a 30 year long civil war against North Sudan.



Text © Pietro Veronese

South Sudan. 23 March 2011.Young Dinkas in a cattle camp near the Nile.
South Sudan. 25 March 2011.Young Medari fishermen on Nile, near Terekeka.