NOOR is a collective of visual storytellers specializing in contemporary global issues. We create personal and self-initiated photo essays and features and do international photography and multimedia assignments for editorial clients, NGO’s and other organizations committed to the fundamental power of photography to bear witness to the struggle for human rights and social justice. We seek to contribute to a growing understanding of the world by producing visual reports that stimulate positive social change, and impact views on human rights and other issues of global concern.

the boers last stand

Benedicte Kurzen

“This tale is a love story on many levels. It’s about loving the past…


Francesco Zizola

Kiva Microfunds, is a non-profit organization founded in San Francisco in October 2005 by…

iraq 2002-2007

Yuri Kozyrev

For five years, Yuri Kozyrev has been working in Iraq to document the struggle…

somalia, the invisible trace

Pep Bonet

For 16 years following the collapse of the Siad Barré regime in 1991, Somalia…

one goal – amputees soccer dreamteam

Pep Bonet

Sierra Leone’s amputees are a grim legacy of its 1991-2001 civil war. One of…

kissy mental home

Pep Bonet

The civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2001) was labeled “the cruelest in Africa’s recent…

city of rest

Pep Bonet

The City of Rest is a rehabilitation project in Freetown – run by the…

a paradise in peril: the maldives – consequences

Francesco Zizola

The Maldives, the lowest lying nation on earth, is at risk of disappearing from…


Yuri Kozyrev

The Baqubah River Valley, located Northeast of Baghdad, was considered a safe haven for…

the “lost years”

Yuri Kozyrev

Afghanistan, for much of the latter half of the 20th century, was wracked by…

reconstructing beijing

Andrea Bruce

In 2007, migrant workers flooded Beijing to build a "new city" full of high-end…


Francesco Zizola

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