NOOR is a collective of visual storytellers specializing in contemporary global issues. We create personal and self-initiated photo essays and features and do international photography and multimedia assignments for editorial clients, NGO’s and other organizations committed to the fundamental power of photography to bear witness to the struggle for human rights and social justice. We seek to contribute to a growing understanding of the world by producing visual reports that stimulate positive social change, and impact views on human rights and other issues of global concern.

lebanon, 2006

Stanley Greene

Information available in individual captions.

southern sudan, 1993/2003: consequences of an ongoing civil war

Stanley Greene

"Today in South Sudan, a catastrophe is taking place unnoticed. A succession of natural…

the invasion

Stanley Greene

Before the invasion of Dagestan in 1999, according to Boris Berezovsky, he claims he…

journey of the dead: from ukraine to russia

Stanley Greene

30 men are stretched out in coffins. They are not from the rebel state…

life on the turkish-armenian border

Kadir van Lohuizen

On the eve of 95th anniversary of the deportation and killing of hundreds of…

nine lives

Robin Hammond

At nine, Lokamu Lopulmoe, a Turkana girl living in rural Kenya, already knows that…

where love is illegal: jamaica

Robin Hammond

Jamaica is one of 76 countries where same-sex acts between men are illegal. The…

where love is illegal: tunisia

Robin Hammond

The Tunisian Revolution, also known as the Jasmine Revolution, was an intensive campaign of…

2016: the year of trump

Nina Berman

From the protests against Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim speech to the demonstrations following election day,…

u.s. presidential elections in the south

Andrea Bruce

In the southern United States, North Carolina went for Trump in the US presidential…



Opposing the outcome of the referendum on Brexit, the 48 percent of voters who…

the new europeans

Robin Hammond

Indians in Britain, Algerians in France, Somalis in Sweden- for National Geographic, Robin Hammond travelled…