foto kvartals interviews benedicte kurzen

“I’ve been on an amazing journey for 10 years. It’s like a circle, maybe I have the same questions as 10 years ago but I formulate them differently. Importantly, we should never stop questioning what we do and how we do it. If you stop, you’re dead.”

For the magazine Foto Kvartals writer Elina Ruka interviewed Bénédicte Kurzen about her involvement in the photo-documentary project Sea Change. Elina asked Bénédicte about her thoughts on what it is like to be a female war- and conflict photographer in regions like the Middle-East and Africa.

“I think it’s actually a great advantage. It has served me because people are less inclined to be scared by a woman in a way. In Africa it really plays for us. Sometimes people don’t take us seriously enough but in other cases it’s an asset.”

This project is focused on documenting the lives of young Europeans and intends to show how they are affected by the current crisis. Some of the best documentary photographers in Europe will create a unique tapestry of stories to present a vibrant, thought-provoking and novel perspective on Europe’s current challenge.

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