greetings from chicago, i have been crossing the battleground…


For the past week and a half, Stanley Greene has been crossing the battleground: Ohio.

In the next few days he will cover the voting and the polling and of course the aftermath of the elections, in black and white.

Stanley sent his first work earlier this morning, adding: “I will start shooting at 7:00 A.M. when the polls open, right up till the results are announced late tonight or even tomorrow morning. I think I said that I would try to do something interesting, as I’m not on an assignment I have had my nose pressed up against the window, watching all the players inside shooting their cell phones. Questions to be address, but here it is, the first batch.”

Caption: Mission Primera Iglesia Bautista, Toledo, Ohio 27 October 2012. Homeless white girl living life out on the edge. She supports Romney and believes he will make things better for the poor. She lives with a homeless black man who instead supports Obama.

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