must-read: “photojournalists on war: untold stories from iraq”

Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq,” a rare photographic account that reveals the untold stories behind the headlines in Iraq.

It can now be found in stores and online.

The book, compiled by Michael Kamber, is a book both ambitious in its breadth, depth and scope. It was published in light of the ten-year anniversary of the war in Iraq and consists of a collection of interviews and photographs from thirty-nine of the world’s top news photographers who documented the conflict. It is also dedicated to the more than one hundred and fifty journalists who were killed there.

The book features images by Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Yuri Kozyrev and Stanley Greene. Michael Kamber represents powerful reports of the war – each and every one of them providing a unique visual account of America’s nine – year conflict in the Middle East. Kamber vividly depicts the often shocking or at times heroic actions these journalists undertook in trying to cover the war. The book also deals with the role of the media and issues of censorship.

 A must-read.

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