noor at fotografia europea 2015 – italy

noor at fotografia europea 2015 – italy

Fotografia Europea 2015 hosts NOOR. The Municipality of Reggio Emilia, in collaboration with aBcM, presents the HOST project, inviting NOOR to bring its select group of highly accomplished photojournalists and documentary storytellers for a series of activities to the city, from 14-17 May 2015, Reggio Emilia, Italy.


HOST offers an exclusive opportunity to encounter and discover an internationally renowned agency through a calendar of activities and… read more ›

masterclass participants selected

masterclass participants selected

© Andrea Bruce | NOOR


NOOR, Nikon and Kamerades are proud to announce the list of 15 participants for the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass 2015. The participants were selected out of a total of 114 portfolios that were submitted from 9 different countries in the region.


We would like to herewith sincerely thank all the people who put effort in their application and congratulate the photographers who will be… read more ›

noor is looking for an intern

noor is looking for an intern


Intern (full time)

NOOR, the Amsterdam based international documentary photography agency, was founded in 2007 with the aim to actively and collectively promote, sell and exhibit the works of its members on the international market.


Intern Profile:


NOOR is looking for an intelligent, ambitious, pro-active and enthusiastic intern with a strong affinity for communications, world affairs and documentary photography - who enjoys working independently and in a small flexible team.


We organize four-month… read more ›

noor-nikon masterclass update: tutors announced, opened to bulgarian photographers & deadline extended


NOOR photographers Kadir van Lohuizen, Andrea Bruce and Stanley Greene will be the tutors for this years NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Belgrade, Serbia.


The call has also been extended to Bulgarian photographers who are encouraged to apply.


Accordingly, we've extended the deadline for applications - the new deadline is Thursday the 19th of February. Don’t miss… read more ›

kadir van lohuizen’s rising sealevels in sunday times magazine

The Sunday Times Magazine published Kadir van Lohuizen's extensive project about sea levels rising around the world.  Kadir asks, "How fast is it going? It is alarming that past figures appear to have been too conservative and that humanity should start preparing for the biggest displacement of mankind in known history. As people in all… read more ›

call for applications: noor-nikon masterclass in belgrade, serbia

NOOR, together with the Serbian collective Kamerades and Nikon invite photographers to submit their portfolios for selection for the 2015 NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography in Belgrade, Serbia.


NOOR photo agency and foundation and Nikon Europe support documentary photographers from emerging markets all over the world through the organization of… read more ›

yuri kozyrev’s story about crimea published in stern


Stern recently published a story by Yuri Kozyrev about everyday life in the the peninsula of Crimea.


After being conquered countless times throughout history, on the border of the former Soviet Union, the peninsula of Crimea, is today a famous touristic destination attracting thousands of tourists from the region and beyond. Traditional ways of life are maintained by the… read more ›

yuri kozyrev’s photographs from the far east of russia published in de volkskrant

De Volkskrant recently published Yuri Kozyrev’s photographs from the far east of Russia, part of a road trip through this region with writer Olaf Koens.

The Lena River winds vertically through Russia. In the summer ferries carry people back and forth, and in the winter heavy trucks transport goods over the ice. But in October, when the… read more ›