courage and strength: portraits of those who have served

This fall the Honolulu Museum of Art presents the contemporary photography exhibition Courage and Strength: Portraits of Those Who Have Served. The exhibition features Nina Berman's "Purple Hearts", as well as work by Ashley Gilbertson, Peter Hapak, Tim Hetherington, and Suzanne Opton—five internationally acclaimed artists who have explored the contradictions of war through powerful images that provide an intimate, personal look at American men and women who… read more ›

visual storytelling in an open society

A six-month training opportunity for documentary photographers and photojournalists in Egypt.

In collaboration with Al-liquindoi Workshops and Cairo-based Contemporary Image Collective, NOOR continues its educational efforts in the Arab world. "Visual Storytelling in an Open Society" is a training opportunity for local photographers in Egypt.

The program provides fully funded training… read more ›