17 milagroso

17 Milagroso, Babalú Ayé

El culto a San Lárazo, a través de la mirada de 8 Fotógrafos


Alain Pantaleón
Pep Bonet
Raúl Cañibano
J.M. Diaz Burgos
Cristina Garcia Rodero
J.M. Mellado
Miquel Torres
Raúl Ortega


The book is available at Ecplise Libros.

Pages: 2232
Size: 16 x 23 cm
ISBN: 978-84-935726-4-8
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217A universal declaration of human rights

francesco zizola

kadir van lohuizen

pep bonet

stanley greene

yuri kozyrev

jon lowenstein

philip blenkinsop

samantha appleton

jan grarup



the book is available here: Eclipse Libros

Publisher: Fonart publishing.

Pages: 224

Size: 16 x 23,7 cm

ISBN: 978-84-935726-3-1

Deposito legal: B-2126-2009


one goal

The book shows Pep's long-term project on Sierra Leone’s amputee’s soccer team. The legacy of Sierra Leone's civil war  (1991-2001) was the use of amputation as a weapon of fear, by both factions. Many of the victims were innocent young men, who were targeted in order to stop them fighting for an opposing side. Through soccer,… read more ›


Published for the Amnesty International series “A photographer for human rights”; the book “Iraq” shows images of war, soldiers, torture, refugees and the collateral damage of Saddam’s regimes.



The photographs are an important testimony documenting Iraq II from the war’s onset, more than 9 years ago.

© Francesco Zizola.

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