Published for the Amnesty International series “A photographer for human rights”; the book “Iraq” shows images of war, soldiers, torture, refugees and the collateral damage of Saddam’s regimes.



The photographs are an important testimony documenting Iraq II from the war’s onset, more than 9 years ago.

© Francesco Zizola.

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the issue, katrina

“Katrina - An Unnatural Disaster, The Issue # 1”



By Stanley Greene, Kadir van Lohuizen, Thomas Dworzak and Paolo Pellegrin.


Essay by Jon Lee Anderson.


This first edition, entitled Katrina – An Unnatural Disaster, is devoted in its entirety to the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and its devastating effects on the residents and former residents.


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This book was presented on World Aids Day 2005 (December 1st). The book is the result of cooperation between Rozenberg Publishers and MSF Holland and MSF Spain.

Bonet's book POSITHIV+ is available from HOST.


© Pep Bonet

Published by Rozenberg Publishers (Holland)
Rozenberg, 2005
21 x 21 cm, 120 pages
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diamond matters

'Diamond Matters' the trail of the diamond.


© Kadir van Lohuizen


More than 100 photographs printed in duo-tone and tri-tone.


Published by: Mets & Schilt publishers (Holland), Dewi Lewis publishing (UK), Umbrage editions (USA)


Date: 2005


ISBN: 9789053304426 NUR 653

born somewhere

Né quelque part / Born Somewhere


One reads and talks much, in specialized publications and in social gatherings, that photography has evolved so much – and that yesterday’s photography has nothing to do with today’s.


I do not share this opinion. I am well aware of this shift from narration to concept, of the efforts provided by some photographers to… read more ›