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Daniela Koenig

NOOR - Bautzen

Daniela Koenig, born 1990 in Eastern Germany, is a freelance photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. Her projects focus on human rights and social issues, especially in the Arab World. The stories she chooses have a strong investigative character and journalistic approach.




September 2016, Bautzen in Saxony. 80 Neonazis chase twenty minor refugees through the streets of a small town in Eastern Germany. Ending up all over the news this conflict kept going for a while. Born in East Germany myself it bothers me that the entire country looks at this region saying ‘well, there is a lot of rightist people – that’s just the way it is’. I don’t think it is that easy. There is no black and white. Investigating the aftermath of this case visually I started meeting with the people involved. As this project only started the images below are just a small piece of a much bigger, meaningful story.