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Bek Maratov


Bek Maratov is a freelance photographer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.┬áHe became interested in photography in 2012. Maratov’s documentary photography and visual storytelling work focuses on social issues, people and religion.


Brave Soul


Most of disabled people in Kazakhstan have a closed life. They do not leave their home, do not participate in the life of society. Despite all the difficulties associated with the lack of infrastructure for people with disabilities, some have found the courage and made the choice to live active and interesting lives.


The goal of this project is to find ten people with disabilities who, despite their illness and other factors, live an active lives, develop themselves, set goals and achieve them. The first of the ten is Akbota Ongarova who is 25 years old and diagnosed with rheumatoid polyarthritis.

Akbota attends physical classes for disabled people based on dance  on wheelchairs.
she is trying to earn money by selling her paintings.
She often spends time with her best friend Armangul.
Akbota is a very religious person. She believes that Islam supports her.