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Emine Akbaba

NOOR - precious blossom

Emine Akbaba (1987) is an Turkish-German documentary photographer. Her works are related to women‘s rights, gender equality and the freedom of speech, especially in the Middle East, which is her cultural heritage. Therefore, she is continually anxious to act as an interpreter for these women who cannot speak for themselves. In her freelance assignments, Emine works with local and international NGO, non-profit organisations, Newspapers and Magazine. Her photographic works are long-term projects.


precious blossom


(work in progress) 


“precious blossom” is a story about the increasing violence against women in Turkey: both in number and brutality. The project confronts the murder of women in Turkey who revolt against abuse and push for independence.


Most women were killed by their husband or boyfriend because they requested a divorce or separation from their partners. Others were killed because they did not reply to their confession of love. Women are being killed by beating, beheading, burning alive, shooting into the heart or head with a shotgun, stab- bing up to 25 times or slitting their throat in the middle of the street when children passing by. It should be noted that the women not only were murdered, but their bodies were mutilated before and after their deaths. These brutal deaths occur in broad daylight on the street in front of everyone and at home while their three year old child is playing in the living room.


The Umut (Hope Foundation) has stated in a new report that the trend has been increasing from year after year. According to a women’s rights activist organization, 1,638 women were murdered between 2010-2016.



precious blossom