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Kasia Strek

NOOR - My Choice Anyway

Kasia Strek is a polish photojournalist based between Paris and Warsaw, member of the CIRIC photography agency. She studied fine arts and photography at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France and Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. Her photography practice focuses on subjects related to social inequalities, the environmental issues and the impact of human activity on disadvantaged communities. Photography is for her the way of taking action, of engaging in society and of directing attention to the issues that are not given enough importance. She divides her work between assignments for press, NGOs and development of personal projects. 


She is currently working in the Philippines on the second chapter of her long term project “My Choice Anyway” treating about human consequences of restricted access to abortion in the countries where the procedure is partly or completely forbidden.


My Choice Anyway

On access to abortion in Poland


In October 2016 about 100 thousand women and men in Poland went on the streets all over the country to protest against a bill of total ban of abortion. After this moment, as a young Polish woman, fortunate enough to never have to face this challenge, I decided to investigate what does it mean for a woman to abort in a country in the middle of Europe with so restricted reproductive rights. 


Poland, a country with a powerful influence of the Catholic Church, has one of the most restrictive legislation on abortion in Europe. Abortion for economic or social reasons was permitted in the country until the 1993. Today, the procedure is theoretically permitted only when the mother’s health is in danger, in case of rape and in case of serious foetal pathology. In reality, even in these cases, access remains almost impossible forcing women to travel to the clinics abroad, or for those less wealthy, to order abortive pills through internet or take medicine for arthritis or stomach ulcers that cause them miscarriages.