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Lucie Mach

NOOR - Jordan

Lucie Mach (France, 1988) is a freelance photographer. She obtained a

Master degree in Photography in 2016 from KASK, the Royal Academy

of Fine Arts in Ghent.


Inspired by people’s life and feeling, she reveals a state of mind. She

looks for poetic and significant moment in the daily life to unveil a felt

atmosphere. Documentary based, she suggests more than to show in

order to give a personal point of view on the situation.

Her projects deal with notions of cultural heritage, migration and living

condition while questioning perspectives of life.




“Jordan” is a travel diary that give a feeling on nowadays Jordan’s



Since the war started in Syria in 2012, 657 000 Syrian refugees try to

build a new life in Jordan.


Lucie went to the cities of Amman, Irbid, Zarqa and in Zaatari Refugee

camp to meet Jordanians and Syrians to know more about the reality of

integration in Jordan.


Fed by their stories and their common sense of resilience, she found

relevant moment in the(ir) environment that could represent an ambient

state of mind.


“Syrians are not bad people, they just want to work and to make a

living. But they come, work illegal and compete with us. They get jobs

even more than the Jordanians. Everybody hire them. Jordan is a small

country and we don’t need too much Syrians so Jordanians can live too.

We always think that Jordanians and Syrians are brothers. We should

help them but i’m not gonna hire a Syrian to take the risk to get fine or

to see my restaurant close because of that”.

Ray, owner of a restaurant in Irbid, Jordan.

Man in a car in Amman
Jordanian student looking at window in a bar in Irbid.
Textile roll in Ahmad's caravan, sewer in Zaatari camp.
Houses in Zaatari refugee camp.
Suliman, at his cousin's caravan in Zaatari refugee camp.
Woman in Amman looking in depths of the city.
Adolescent in Amman
View on an appartement in Amman
Portrait of two workers in a Bakery in Zaatari refugee camp.
Asna, 7 month pregnant in her caravan in Zaatari camp.
Outside Kona's house
Wall painting in a street in Amman.
Kona from damascus inside Zaatari refugee camp.
Scar of an  injured syrian refugee in Irbid.
Inside Miada's house in Zarqa