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Maartje Brockbernd

NOOR - 99 and counting

The work of Maartje Brockbernd focuses on social issues; capture unseen or ignored realities. The main goal of her projects & assignments is to tell the true story about a person with a special background in the world in which we live, without judgment. This can be a subject which involves a larger group of persons or just a small story around the corner. Trying to start the conversation with society, sustain public attention and working towards social change.


Maartje graduated from the Fotovakschool in 2016 and lives in Dordrecht (the Netherlands). She works as a medical photographer & freelance portrait- and documentary photographer for various clients.


99 and counting


Research indicates that we are, as a society, lonelier than we have ever been and no other age group feels loneliness more than the elderly. Elderly can contribute a lot to their families, share their stories. There’s a wealth of knowledge that can be passed on to the younger generation—if they can remain engaged.


Henny, a distant relative, is lonely as well. From her 99th birthday, in July 2015, I’m visualizing how her loneliness looks like. She has no children and many friends no longer live. Her hearing problems increase her isolation. She can not longer participate in conversations and therefore she often lives in her own world. On the second floor, in the nursing home.

Happy 99th birthday
Birthday cards
Nursing home
Time to eat lunch
Elevator to her sister
Sit at the park
100 years ago
Typical dutch dinner
Sleep tight