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sergey polezhaka (ua)


Sergey Polezhaka is a visual journalist, working primarily in Ukraine. Currently based in Aarhus, Denmark, where he is studying in Danish School of Journalism.


He started his career as a freelance photographer in 2010-2011, contributing pictures to local national wire agencies and later – to international ones like Reuters, EPA, Corbis, AP, AFP etc, continuing his work by doing assignments for magazines Der Spiegel, La Vanguardia, newspapers Het Nieuwsblad, Tages Anzeiger etc.


Since the beginning of Ukrainian social unrest, also known as EuroMaidan (late fall 2013), he mostly contributed for the biggest European newspaper Bild. Accompanied with newspaper journalist, he produced video and photo stories on ongoing struggle in rapidly changing environment. During this collaboration he had been working on Maidan being ablaze in Kiev, later he moved to cities of Donetsk, Slaviansk, Mariupol etc, MH17’s crash site, doing frontline action stories, deeply personalized social narratives as well as covering breaking news.


Beyond mentioned above, Sergey is working on his own projects. «Artek legacy» essay is focused on modern eclectic childhood in surrounding of post-soviet summer camp Crimea before its annexation by Russia, while an “Burnt bridges of Donbass” is an attempt to comprehend those social and communication gaps and abysses which emerged between and within Russian and Ukrainian societies during last two years and reached its peak in war.