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simon lenskens (be)

NOOR - Real Belgians

Simon Lenskens was born in 1993 in Belgium. In 2015 he started his master’s degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

The topics that particularly fascinate him are mostly of a social or political nature. Through his photographs he investigates some interesting statements that were made by the media and whether they can be regarded as true or not. Within this research he attempts to tell a new story about his own experiences with the people he photographs.




The arise of several islamophobic organizations is just one of the many signs of a changing Europe. More and more people feel threatened by people from different cultures. Instead of showing the image of a multicultural society, I decided to focus on those who are frightened of this idea.

Who are the real Belgians? This is the question to which certain people believe they have the answer. They are convinced that in ten years everything will be different. And they are determined to prevent this from happening. Will we all be celebrating Christmas in mosque? Are we all going to be obliged to eat halal? If it depends on these people, certainly not.


To preserve the valuable and endangered Belgian identity for posterity, I started my search for the real Belgian.

Pegida manifestation  Utrecht 11/10/2015
Portrait of Matthijs
Portret of Hendrik