climate change by noor

Climate Change by NOOR is a multi-year group project that focuses on issues related to the rise of global temperatures.

The first chapter, Consequences by NOOR, was produced in the autumn of 2009, and successfully launched with a series of events and public initiatives during the United Nations’ Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009, you can read more about the launch on our blog and view the video. The second chapter, Solutions by NOOR, was produced in 2010.

Both projects were funded with a generous grant from Nikon Europe.

  • Images from NOOR exhibits and activities throughout  the Global Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009.

consequences by noor

In 2009, all the photographers united their efforts to create Consequences by NOOR, an initiative of the NOOR Foundation. Consequences by NOOR is a showcase for creativity in photography and an eyewitness record of the devastating humanitarian effects of climate change around the globe. Produced in the autumn of 2009, these visual reportages show not what might happen in the future but what is happening today, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the issues at stake.


The Consequences by NOOR project is currently made up of twelve projects covering a variety of subjects. Nine projects are accompanied by a multimedia production.

solutions by noor

NOOR’s second group project on the climate, Solutions by NOOR, deals with solutions to climate change and the individual stories of those trying to live a more sustainable existence. The chapter focuses on human stories about alternative power sources, renewable energies, and attempts to alleviate, adjust or cope with the rise of global temperatures; the biggest challenge our world has ever faced. It builds onto the 2009 group project Consequences by NOOR and was finalized in the autumn of 2010.


The Solutions by NOOR project is currently made up of eight projects.


The Climate Change by NOOR exhibitions continue to travel the world extensively in the form of gallery shows and museum, festival and street exhibitions. You can find the exhibition schedule on our blog and to book the exhibitions, please contact the NOOR office.


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