documenting cuba

With the passing of Cuban former president and revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, NOOR takes a look back at the great changes of Cuban society, documented over the past 15 years by NOOR photographers Pep Bonet, Andrea Bruce, Yuri Kozyrev, Sebastian Liste,  Kadir van Lohuizen and Jon Lowenstein. 


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  • Trinidad, Cuba.
November 1999.
Children playing soccer.
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  • KOY200SE0017
  • KOY200SE0020 (1)
  • Photograph of the daily life in Cuba
  • KOY200SE0007
  • BRA092SE0026
  • BRA092SE0022
  • BRA092SE0010
  • Cuba 50 years after the revolution
  • Cuba 50 years after the revolution
  • Havana, Cuba. 2006
  • Havana, Cuba.
November 1999.
Cuban seamen in the streets of Havana.

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