noor-nikon masterclass in belgrade

In March and April 2015, the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography took place in Belgrade, Serbia. Fifteen young and aspiring documentary photographers and photojournalists hailing from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia came together for a week of learning and sharing with NOOR photographers Andrea Bruce, Kadir van Lohuizen, Stanley Greene, and NOOR’s associate editor Asmara Pelupessy. The masterclass was hosted by NOOR’s local partner, the Serbian documentary photographers’ collective Kamerades.

During the five intensive days, the group reviewed and shared their portfolios and projects, listened to presentations by the photographers, held in-depth discussions on ethical, practical, and creative issues, and edited a special assignment shot by participants for this masterclass on the theme ‘Remains.’


On this page you will find a showcase of the participants’ work on this theme. To learn more about the NOOR-Nikon Belgrade Masterclass visit our blog here.

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  • 03_silent_fade
  • Black Gold
  • City's scars
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  • The Memory RemainsCreated in more than sixty years ago, the Home for Veterans of Arts and Culture is the last harbor for misfortunate cultural figures, who were once spreading the beauty of Bulgarian art over the world. The inhabitants of the home strugg
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  • Remains of Identity
  • Till death do us part
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  • The circle of life


Majlend Bramo (Albania)

Mina Delić (Serbia)

Tsvetomir Dimov (Bulgaria)

Fisnik Dobreci (Montenegro)

Marija Erdelji (Serbia)

Elena Geroska (Macedonia/Bulgaria)

Milovan Milenković (Serbia)

Armend Nimani (Kosovo)

Marina Paulenka (Croatia)

Midhat Poturovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Matjaž Rušt (Slovenia)

Mitar Simikić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Denislav Stoychev (Bulgaria)

Oksana Toskic (Serbia)

Matic Zorman (Slovenia)

tutor team

Andrea Bruce, Kadir van Lohuizen, Stanley Greene, and NOOR’s associate editor Asmara Pelupessy.


“I would strongly recommend photographers with a desire to learn to apply for the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass. You will learn from NOOR photographers how to edit the narrative, how to work on long term projects and also very important - how to find inspiration, a spark that turns you into a shooter in the field with heart and mind totally devoted to the job."


Matic Zorman from Slovenia (1st Prize in the People category Winner World Press Photo 2016 & participant in the NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Belgrade, Serbia)


1,754 by armend nimani


Since the end of the conflict in 1999, the International Committee of the Red…

maja by matjaž rušt


I met Maja when she was looking for help. She came to the bar…

black gold by mitar simikić


The coal collectors at Ugljevik Mine in The Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina are…

over the rainbow by milovan milenković


The European Capital of Culture is the title which one or several cities in…

a silent fade by matic zorman


Among two million Slovenians residing in a small European country, one would have a…

remains of identity by midhat poturovic


As a result of war, genocide, crimes against humanity and international law the disappearance…

the memory remains by tsvetomir dimov


Created more than sixty years ago, the Home for Veterans of Arts and Culture…

shqiperia by majlend bramo


After negative responses in 2010 and 2013, on the 24th June, 2014 Albania officially…

selska 66 by marina paulenka


In Autumn of 2014 Croatian veterans of the homeland war gathered in a tent…

till death do us part by elena geroska


There are more than 100 villages in Macedonia left with less than 10 inhabitants…

tracks and cracks by denislav stoychev


A railway branch line in southeastern Bulgaria is left crumbling after its passenger services…

resident aliens by fisnik dobreci


Roma refugees that left Kosovo after the 1999 conflict found shelter in Montenegro. Around…