NOOR actively engages in developing and promoting broader documentary projects through the photographer’s individual and collective work. We produce in-depth photo-essays and pursue longer-term visual reportage as a means of critically exploring current global issues. As a group, the NOOR photographers work on projects and organize collective exhibitions and presentations, such as the multi-year climate change project, which has been seen by millions in international print and online publications, exhibitions, street posters, projections, conferences, public art installations and social media. To realize our projects we seek the collaboration of NGOs and foundations, and the financial support of grants, subsidies and sponsor partnerships.
LOK2017003C | Wasteland: Lagos



Since early 2016 I have been investigating six megacities in the world (Jakarta, Tokyo, Lagos, New York, São Paulo…

HAR2016004C | The New Europeans: Syrians in Germany

the new europeans


The Syrian and other refugees streaming into Europe since 2015 have roiled politics and inflamed debate. But Europe’s newest…


where love is illegal


Fortunately, in many places, there has been great progress in the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex…

RNC 2016

2016 Year in Review by NOOR


A selection of the most compelling work produced by NOOR photographers in 2016.