Despite the fact that mainstream media moved on to the next story after Hurricane Katrina, daily life continued to be a struggle for its survivors. Survivors are scattered all over the United States, often unable to return home. Public housing in New Orleans, which had been home for thousands of families before the storm, was demolished in the first few months of 2008. The land remained unused and barren. The displaced are living in all 50 states, in temporary housing projects without furniture.

Kadir van Lohuizen followed two families in Houston, the Herring and the Halley family, who were trying to pick up their lives and track down lost family members scattered over the country.

Video “Katrina Survivors – 5 Years Later” by AARP, narrated by the family members, photographed and audio by Kadir van Lohuizen.


This story is part of the Hurricane Katrina project.