noor foundation

The NOOR Foundation is an international non-profit organization creating and distributing compelling photojournalistic works with the aim to raise awareness, enhance an understanding of the world and to contribute to the visual history of mankind. The foundation facilitates the production of photographic projects through exhibitions, publications, and other (online) activities, stimulating public dialogue. Educational initiatives are at the core of the foundation’s activities.

The NOOR Foundation draws on years of experience from the acclaimed photographers who contribute to its activities in a unique collaboration.

In supporting the production of visual reportage, and in the tradition of journalism in the public service, the NOOR Foundation seeks to stimulate positive social change, impact views on human rights and other issues of global concern. The foundation focuses on four thematic areas in order to shine light – noor in Arabic – on topics that are often (visually) underrepresented in the mainstream media in the form of in-depth and longer-term reporting: climate change, war and conflict, human rights and natural disaster.

An office staff delivers support on proposal writing, coordination, planning and reporting. The office acts as the hub for a network of professional contacts worldwide, allowing organizing the foundation’s activities on a large international-scale. NOOR works with professional fund-raisers and partly outsources its exhibition management.

The NOOR Foundation seeks the collaboration of NGOs and foundations, and the financial support of grants, subsidies and sponsorship in realizing its (special) projects. NOOR is grateful for the support of it’s partners throughout the years.

Stichting NOOR Foundation was established in September 2007 under the laws of The Netherlands, at the same time as Noor Images B.V., the NOOR Photo Agency.


The foundation is concerned with the encouragement and support of young aspiring photojournalists and documentary photographers, particularly in the developing world and areas where access to photography education is scarce. The NOOR Foundation facilitates educational initiatives - it organizes workshops, masterclasses, seminars, lectures and other educational activities - in close collaboration with educational organizations and NOOR's professional photographers, all experienced teachers and lecturers in documentary photography.

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special projects

To stimulate public dialogue, the foundation organizes special projects, including exhibitions, publications, and other activities. From concept to dissemination, the NOOR Foundation takes each project to its widest possible audience.

mission statement

The NOOR Foundation’s mission is to provide the impetus to undertake documentary photography and educational projects, and spread the NOOR philosophy that some things simply need to be seen.

board of directors

general board


Nina Berman - Photographer and Educator (NYC)
Pep Bonet - Photographer and Educator (Mallorca)
Andrea Bruce - Photographer and Educator (Washington DC)
Alixandra Fazzina - Photographer and Educator (Islamabad/London)
Stanley Greene - Photographer and Educator (Paris/NYC)
Yuri Kozyrev - Photographer and Educator (Moscow)
Bénédicte Kurzen - Photographer and Educator (Johannesburg/Lagos)
Kadir van Lohuizen - Treasurer, Photographer and Educator (Amsterdam)
Jon Lowenstein - Photographer and Educator (Chicago)
Francesco Zizola - Photographer and Educator (Rome)