another crimea project

In 2014 the Republic of Crimea became part of the Russian Federation.


A team of world-famous ‪NOOR‬, Magnum Photos and VII Photo Agency photo/video journalists spent 10 days there, shooting, travelling and interacting with people, both supporters and opponents of Crimea’s reunion with ‪Russia‬.


The outcome is ‪’Another Crimea‬‘, a unique visual project on ‪Crimea‬’s diverse and fast-changing identity. 
The project includes photo stories by ‪Yuri Kozyrev‬ & Francesco Zizola and a documentary, ‘MotherLand‘, by Pep Bonet.


Yuri Kozyrev focuses on Crimea’s historical heritage of World War II, by portraying the Russian Army, WWII veterans and reenactments organized by military historical societies.


Francesco Zizola retraces the places where the major battles of the Crimean War were fought. His work is a meditation on the birth of war photography and a tribute to the power of visual storytelling, keeping the memory of historical events alive.


Pep Bonet‘s short documentary film ‘Motherland‘ is a story about history and love, narrated through the eyes of two character who share the same passion for Crimea. By exploring the differences between the old and the young generation, Pep Bonet sheds light on the ongoing changes and challenges the country is facing.


Check out ‪Another Crimea Project‬:

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