The 217A project was originally created as a photography exhibition premiered in Palma de Majorca (Spain) within the frame of the Alternatilla Multi-arts Festival. The Festival aims to serve as a platform for solidarity and civic awareness using photography as a starting point for a call for reflection.

Pep Bonet – curator of the Alternatilla exhibitions – together with the NOOR Photography Agency and Foundation, conceived the 217A photo project as an opportunity to celebrate the signing of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the United Nation in their resolution 217A (III); as well as helping to promote the principles listed throughout the document, by showing graphic testimonies depicted by the photographers.

  • Belgium, Antwerp, men in exchange shop (B&W)
  • Azerbaijan, Baku, man sitting at drug dispensary (B&W)
  • During the past decade, millions of Mexican and Central American migrants have left their homes and families, faced death on the journey to the United States and lived under the specter of criminality once in this country.  Despite these obstacles, these