generaciòn perdida

Pep Bonet


The photographer Pep Bonet has built a universal story that recounts lack and absence, portraits, looks and bodies with an identity, and thus it stays with you, written on the walls of the soul. This book is the visual report of a drama without heart-wrenching roar; while being a poetic contemporary tableau, a work of art –with pictures– on every page. Away from morbid curiosity or brashness the author lights up darkness, illuminating victims, witnesses, ancestors and descendants, all innocent, as ever subjected to the one big character–the enemy–as ever invisible.


This intercontinental album documents people from far away places –Africa, Asia and Latin America; Honduras, India, Swaziland, Democratic Republic of Congo– brought together for having the same virus as an unwanted guest in the family. A wounded human group scattered in different regions and ethnic groups referring to the people struggling not to be crushed by the traces of the once deadly evil, which seems never to end.


Text by: Andreu Manresa

  • Hiv & Aids in Honduras
  • Hiv & Aids in Honduras
  • Hiv & Aids in Honduras
  • Transsexuals in Honduras
  • Hiv & Aids in Honduras

ISBN: 978-84-935726-7-9
Published: Dec 2010
Available via Fonart Publishing IB