röadkill motörhead

Pep Bonet


Motörhead Roadkill is a unique visual record that captures the soul of one of the best rock and roll bands in the world: the British Motörhead. It includes an impressive collection of rare photographs, over 160, signed by Pep Bonet.

Pep has documented the lives of the band in recent years, living with them during their last tours (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, UK), at European festivals and during local trial sessions at the recording studio in Los Angeles, as well as spending more personal moments with the band members, especially their leader Lemmy Kilmister.

Besides the stunning photos of Pep, the book includes texts by some famous friends of Motörhead, including Slash, Brian May, Nick McBrain (the drummer of Iron Maiden) and Lemmy Kilmister himself.

“Thanks to Pep Bonet, you’ll feel like a spy, like the fly on the wall, observing without being seen… as the ultimate voyeur. People have known Motörhead for decades but have never seen them as intimately as here. Consider yourself privileged. “(Steffan Chirazzi)

Pep Bonet: “My dream was to get to know Motorhead, my worst nightmare was to follow them...”

  • Motšrhead "European Tour"
  • Motšrhead "European Tour"
  • Motšrhead "European Tour"
  • Motšrhead "European Tour"
  • Motšrhead

ISBN: 978-84-940792-0-7
Size: 16,5 x 18,5 cm
Published: December 2012
Pages: 260 pag.
Language: English/Spanish
Available via Fonart IB Publishing

Special edition pack - a book with a signed and numbered print - available via pepbonet.com