born somewhere

Né quelque part / Born Somewhere


One reads and talks much, in specialized publications and in social gatherings, that photography has evolved so much – and that yesterday’s photography has nothing to do with today’s.


I do not share this opinion. I am well aware of this shift from narration to concept, of the efforts provided by some photographers to scale the slippery staircase leading to pure aestheticism. I do not believe that the difference between analog and digital can be ignored, but I remain convinced that the profound nature of photographers has not changed.

Since the beginning of the century, there have been sharp-eyed and tender-hearted photographers, photographers whose aim is not to decorate the walls of museums for their own personal satisfaction, but rather to show, through the use of that developer of truth which is film, how man can be a menace to mankind, to children, how men can die from lack of food and love.


No, photography has not changed. Lewis Hine, Jacob Riis, they have a brother; his name is Francesco Zizola.

-Robert Delpire


© Francesco Zizola


Format: 200 pages, 85 photographs
Published by Delpire Editeurs (France) and Fusi orari (Italy) 2004

ISBN 2-85107-218-8 (delpire)
ISBN 88-87028-35-4 (fusi orari)


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