caught between war and famine – jan grarup

During the last 21 years, Somalia has been in a constant limbo of a war between warlords, clans and armies. Severe drought has also hit the country in recent years. For the Somali people, life is a constant struggle for survival. They seek refuge from conflict and drought in neighboring countries. Some leave their home for Kenya, to take refuge in the worlds biggest refugee camp Dadaab. Others go to the northeastern Puntland State of Somalia and settle in smaller makeshift camps, others leave for Ethiopia and the village of Dollo Ado. Some people try to flee the continent via the harbor city of Bosaso to try and get into Yemen, but with little to almost no luck. The story I am working on, which is nowhere near finished, is about all the people that get caught up in the middle of all of this: the wars, the famine… and the desperation. And my belief that Somali’s are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. There will always be civilians who are trying to bring up their children and live a good life, and then get caught up in other people’s wars. Unlike many other places I worked, in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, we in the western world could actually make a difference – if only we had the will to do so. – Jan Grarup

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