The region of Hatay, formerly Alexandretta, shapes, on the map of Turkey, a drop of blood flowing at the southern tip. A badly healed wound between the two countries.

Before the start of the Arab revolution, Turkey and Syria had concluded a sorrowful reconciliation.

Today, thousands of Syrian Sunni Muslims, fleeing repression come naturally to take refuge from the Turkish side of the border. Faced with Syria, Antakya is the front line.

School for syrian refugees who cross over from the border camp.
"Mohammed & Gigi" / "A chid in charge"
A Drop of Blood Between Turkey and Syria
"Talking the revolution"
A spy with bullets holes.
A 23yrs old former soldier from Jiser al ÐChoughour
Young smugglers hanging around a house off the road with recent arrivals from Syria.
The coat of secrets
A Spy who hides his face with his syrian military ID card
My name Is problem
Nazer, 22 years old Blogger works out of a secret house in Antakya
July 25th ,2011 Guvecci,Turkey and Jisr Shughur, Syria Border village
Crying man,  July 25th ,2011 Guvecci,Turkey and Jisr Shughur, Syria Border village
The State Hospital , Antakaya , Turkey July 23rd ,2011
Refugee Camp on the Syrian Border ( Reyhanli ) which is under the control of The Turkish military  they control all movement in and out of the camp
concentration camp a prison  centered in scorching desert conditions , one thousand eight hundred  people live here.