Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen and writer Abdelkader Benali spent two weeks with the extended Ezbet Abu Draboo family. They live in an area named after the family, north of Gaza city. The area has almost completely been destroyed during the Israeli offensive.

Van Lohuizen and Benali followed a number of family members in their attempt to pick up the pieces of their lifes. Most of them lost their houses and belongings, some of them lost family members as well. Like Khaled Ezbet Abu Draboo whose two daughters, two and eight years old, were shot at point blank range by an Israeli soldier while they were ordered to leave their house.

It is only now that people realize what happened and after being relieved that they survived, they start to realize their futures have been destroyed.

Tofah, Gaza strip, Palestine - January, 2009.Gaza aftermath