For five years, Yuri Kozyrev has been working in Iraq to document the struggle for stability in Iraq since the US led invasion in March 2003. While Saddam Hussein’s regime was quickly removed, many major obstacles still remained and securing peace proved to be a difficult task. Throughout 2004, insurgencies, bombings, and militias ravaged the country. Despite elections in 2005, the political climate remained tense and sectarian violence reached its climax with 100 civilians being killed each day.


In December 2006, President Bush announced a plan to increase troops, and by October the surge appeared to produce results. However with militias and widespread corruption, the future of the country looks uncertain.


Iraq, ruins
Iraq, Baghdad, soldiers helping people to tear down statue, low angle view
Baghdad, The ruins of a house
Iraq, Baghdad, woman crying over dead body of her child
An Iraqi tribal chief
Iraq, Tikrit, soldiers standing near corpses
Iraqis during early morning raid  in Abu Ghraib
Iraq, Baghdad, Abu Ghraib, soldiers conduct search to detain male Iraqis
Iraq, Baghdad, man carrying reusable casket
Iraq, large group of people gathered for ritual
Iraq, Baghdad, man with air-to-air missiles
Iraq, Baghdad, prisoners bowing together for prayer at Abu Gharib prison
Iraqis  pass by the  burning vehicle after a bomb attack in the centre of Baghdad.
Iraq, Baghdad, victims lay on morgue gurneys while relatives weeping
Iraq, Najaf, Iraqi Shiite militiaman patrolling cemetery, low angle view
Shiite Muslims beat their heads with iron chains during the Ashura festival
Iraq, Ramadi, blast in roof
Iraq, Fallujah, soldiers standing on floor with bullets, low section
Inside Iraq
Inside Iraq
Inside Iraq
Iraq, Fallujah, armed military man patrolling on night, side view
US Marines from 2nd Battalion
Inside Iraq
Iraq, Fallujah, Iraqi covering graves in cemetery, low angle view