Sim Shagaya first encounter was in a house transformed in offices in Ikoyi, Lagos. He just launched a new company and a new concept in Nigeria: the e-shopping, home delivered. He just got back from abroad. A year later, we meet again and not only his first company is a success but he opened a new one, Konga. When he took us to the wharehouse where all the goods are stored, the hundreds piles and shelves of everything -shoes, stockings, cookers, lamps, DVD players- give you a glimpse at the incredible demand and market Nigeria represents; a golden opportunity for young hard working entrepreneurs.

The Nigerian megapolis is a buzzing hub, a new Far West, which attracts thousands of Nigerians from the worldwide diaspora. A certain euphoria runs through the city. The city is growing so fast that no one knows if the number of inhabitants is twelve or sixteen millions. The oil money is finally lifting the Nigerian economy, and signs of an expending middle class are everywhere – malls multiply like mushrooms, more and more private cars on the road make the traffic impossible, new estates for brand new houses. Lagos is a city in a constant movement. The presence of the one who comes back to the motherland has created new needs, and new opportunities. Sim explains : “Everything goes so fast in Nigeria. There is no Fnac, no Tesco. We deliver phones, perfumes, dresses, bicycles even in the Northern part of the country, despite the state of Emergency.”