Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, October 2010

Microfinance is a long-term sustainable approach to poverty alleviation as opposed to a one-time gift. By entrusting local women with manageable short-term loans, to have the opportunity to help themselves and to break the cycle of poverty.

Microcredit can help poor women in different ways, by providing independent sources of income outside home, microcredit tends to reduce economic dependency of the women on husbands and thus help enhance autonomy. The same independent sources of income together with their exposure to new sets of ideas, values and social support should make these women more assertive of their rights.

Pep Bonet went to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala to document the lives of women managing their own business.

This story is part of Microcredit.


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.October 2010.Corn.