In contrast to the image of poverty within the nation’s favelas, Brazilian high society lives a lifestyle akin to that of international celebrities. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most famous city, Carioca elite enjoy expensive parties, private helicopters, yacht rides and luxurious balls. Entrepreneurs who made their fortunes during Brazil’s recent economic growth have joined the ranks of historically wealthy families. But this burgeoning class of new rich have closed and narrowly defined borders, almost impenetrable to anyone outside the carioca elite – a world hidden from the eyes of the rest of Brazilian society. They seem to be living an endless party, always celebrating, always having fun. They seem to exist to show off and be shown off. A chic world of appearances wrapped in disco lights, with a dance floor where many want to dance but just a few fit into this select group who have become millionaires – thanks to Brazil´s last decade unstoppable growth.
Photograph of the daily life of the Rio´s rich elite.
Photograph of the daily life of the Rio´s rich elite.