This personal documentary is an immersion in the daily life of Congo DR. This story offers a vision of the country as experienced from within by focusing on daily life rather than on the country’s conflicts.

This series arose from a need to see my country from a different point of view than the often-depicted crises. Thanks to friends, family and new connections I tried to depict my country intimately and subjectively, not trying to

deliver truth but striving to relate to a peoples’ reality and to reconstruct my own.


A drunk man knocked out
A newborn and his mother
A woman posing
A young woman resting
Night scene in Kinshasa
Disco Ntemba
Resting in the afternoon
Kananga train station
Leaving for Kikwit
Driving through the Congo at night
A bird of prey kept as pet
A man showing off his tattoo
Waiting at home
Dead animal in Kinshasa
Organising the election