NOOR is a collective of visual storytellers specializing in contemporary global issues. We create personal and self-initiated photo essays and features and do international photography and multimedia assignments for editorial clients, NGO’s and other organizations committed to the fundamental power of photography to bear witness to the struggle for human rights and social justice. We seek to contribute to a growing understanding of the world by producing visual reports that stimulate positive social change, and impact views on human rights and other issues of global concern.

the “lost years”

Yuri Kozyrev

Afghanistan, for much of the latter half of the 20th century, was wracked by…

reconstructing beijing

Andrea Bruce

In 2007, migrant workers flooded Beijing to build a "new city" full of high-end…


Francesco Zizola

Information available in individual captions.

magic athletes: the congolese wrestlers

Benedicte Kurzen

The hypnotic beat of the drums and the loud melody of the trumpets announce…

italian immigration

Francesco Zizola

Off the coast of Lampedusa, Sicily, Italy. Many people from Africa try to reach…

congo paradox

Francesco Zizola

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the richest countries in the…

tsunami, indonesia

Francesco Zizola

The December 26 tsunami which devastated Southeast Asia, hit the Banda Aceh province in…

beslan, osetia

Yuri Kozyrev

On 1 September 2004, a group of armed rebels took over 1,000 children and…

purple hearts

Nina Berman

Purple Hearts is a series of portraits and interviews with American military who returned…

through the eyes of juvenile prisoners


As part of Kadir van Lohuizen's photography workshop with eleven juvenile inmates of the…


Francesco Zizola

A selection of images taken during the first three months - March, April and…

the second chechen war

Yuri Kozyrev

The Second Chechen War was the key to Vladimir Putin's victory in the 2000…