kabul blog 8/19 | andrea bruce

The windy streets of Kabul welcomed me with dust and strong sun today.  

At a time when people are focusing on the upcoming withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, I’ve returned here to re-visit the struggles of everyday life here and what Afghans think about their future.

For almost a decade I have covered Afghanistan, a country where uncertainty and instability are everyday obstacles. Inside the IDP (internally displaced people) camps throughout Kabul, where around 50,000 people come to escape war and poverty elsewhere in the country, I have seen parents bury their children due to malnutrition and freezing temperatures. Sewage surrounds tents and alleys. And the state of affordable and accessible medical care is almost non-existent.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has opened their doors to help me witness some of the problems  that severe war and poverty inflict on society. The hurdles women face, especially while giving birth, will be a central theme.

Follow my blog on the NOOR site, and photos on Instagram (@andreabruce_noor), for the next couple weeks while I share some of my personal experiences. In the coming months I will release several large reports from Kabul and Khost.

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