moving stills – kadir van lohuizen

ph Moving Stills9

De Magie van Kunst (The Magic of Art) documentary ‘Moving Stills – Kadir van Lohuizen’ will have its world premiere on November 22th at the International Documantary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). The documentary competes in the ‘Dutch Documentary’ category and can be also seen on December 8th on the Dutch television channel ‘Nederland 2‘.

In Moving Stills, produced by Tinus Kramer, we meet the passionate photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen working in different locations, including his PanAmerican story ‘Via PanAm‘ – a one-year journey along the Americas investigating contemporary migration.

The documentary shows us the daily practices of a working photojournalist to whom journalism in its purest form is a necessity. Van Lohuizen wants to provide a counterbalance to the commercial news media by directing attention to forgotten conflicts and disasters with his photos, videos and audio.

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