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Jonas Kako

NOOR - Stuck in the past

Jonas Kako, born 1992 in Kappeln, Germany. After traveling for some months internships

he began studying photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of

applied Science and Arts Hannover.


Stuck in the past


Just a half an hour’s drive outside of Johannesburg sits the small, quiet village of Kleinfontein. In some ways it’s a place little different from other rural South African communities: vast open space is in abundance, everyone knows each other’s business, there’s a sense of community spirit that runs through the streets.

But look a little closer at this village of 1200 people, and there’s something disconcertingly different about this small pocket in the heart of the Rainbow Nation: every one of the villagers is white.


In the secluded village of Kleinfontein residents refuse to accept the diversity of South Africa as the modern Rainbow Nation, instead living a life of segregation and racism, as they long to return to their Apartheid past.

A security guard loads his revolver shortly before his night shift begins.
The community pool is a meeting point for Kleinfonteins young generation.
Religion is an important part of the daily life in Kleinfontein.
Willie (63) singing nationalist boer songs at the boskombois.
Willie (63)and his wife at the Boskombois celebration in December.
Kids climbing through the fence surrounding the village.