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Chloe Sharrock

NOOR - The Weight of Silence

At the age of 8 years old, Chloe Sharrock found in a basement an old Ricoh camera. What

seemed like a great toy at first, quickly became an indispensable instrument to

communicate and express her vision of the world.


After history of art studies in Lyon, followed by cinema studies specialized in

aesthetics and documentary in Paris, fields that still influence Chloe’s work today, she

quickly came back to photography through a more journalistic approach. Her

work now focuses on religion, seing it as a complex and rich cultural network. She

tries to highlight the way that communities organise themselves around cult and



She is now based in Paris and member of the photo agency CIRIC.


The Weight of Silence 


This documentary is a long term project that I started seven months ago, that

documents the weight of religion in people’s daily life in Paris, focusing on various

communities issued from Islam, Judaism and Christianity.


Most of the rites take place behind closed doors, following the principle of laicity in

France, but yet, by documenting these communities through celebrations and cults

during an entire year, I tried to explore how something invisible can affect the visible,

and the impact it has on the rhythm of thousands of persons’s life.


Video of the project 

Two young children participate at the sunday mass at Saint-Ambroise's church.
The Big Mosque of Paris.
A man studies the Koran in the Paris' Mosque.