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José Luis Fajardo Escoffie

NOOR - Prohibido Mariconear. Follow the native potato

José Luis Fajardo Escoffie (México, 1984) is a visual anthropologist interested in social actions towards climate change adaptation. He has worked both as a social anthropologist and photographer in Mexico for NGO’s and for Governmental Agencies. He is currently doing a PhD research project in visual anthropology at The University of Manchester about a native potatoes’ commodity chain in Peru.


Prohibido Mariconear. Follow the native potato


Peru was the centre of origin and diversity of more than 3,000 varieties of native potato—one of the most important food crops worldwide—however only around five types are typically consumed beyond the Andean world. In the context of the Peruvian “Gastronomic Boom”, some native potato varieties are starting to be commercialised as “ethnic delicacies” and have thus become more widely consumed in Lima. My project trails and documents the routes that such potatoes take, from their growing sites in the Central Peruvian Andes to luxury restaurants in Lima.

Victor´s father in Corazon de Ñaupas. Peru, 2016.
Native potatoes in Corazon de Ñaupas, Ayacucho. Peru, 2016.
Evaluating the potato produce some weeks before the harvest. Peru, 2016.
Native potatoes in the "IK" restaurant in Lima. Peru 2016.