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Maria Grinkevich


Maria Grinkevich was born 1981 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She is a lawyer and a freelance photographer, who has collaborated with the analytical media resource 365info.kz. Maria’s work focuses on parenthood, childhood and the biological, psychological and social aspects of motherhood. 


The Wedding March. Rehearsal


I’m crushed. You know… it’s shit to suddenly find yourself as a single mother. That definitely wasn’t on my wish list. It feels like driving 200 miles an hour and slamming into a concrete wall. Everything’s falls apart. All of your balanced and arranged life. It hurts.


Now you need to collect yourself piece by piece and learn how to live again. You start behaving like a bitch who would gnaw through one’s throat if anybody offends your kids. You are in constant struggle with the outer world: with the society, the state, your ex-husband’s relatives.


However, the inner struggle is even tougher: shame, guilt, despair, self-pity and pity for children, resentment. You don’t sleep, you binge eat, you work like a dog. At the same time, you create a special safe cocoon for your kid, the world just for two of you. His happy childhood is now entirely your responsibility.


You are invisible. The state prefers not to see you. There are no social benefits, no discounts for nursery school or kindergarten. A single mother doesn’t exist in Kazakhstan.


My project is about single parenting. I started to shoot this project in August 2017 and it’s a work in progress. I plan to expand the project Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries.

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